Wetting My Jeans

I'm Brooke - an 18 year old brunette girl who really likes to wet her jeans on 'accident.' I usually like to drink as much as I can, starting in the morning, and see if I can go the entire day without bursting. So, I usually get to school feeling like I have to pee - just a little. (I don't pee after I wake up in the morning.) and I really like the feeling. After each class period, I'll go to the drinking fountain and drink as much as I can without looking weird (I don't like other people knowing that I have a thing for wetting myself.) anyway, by around lunch time I kinda have to go pretty bad, but - I still keep it in, still continuing to drink more. I usually don't start squriming until I get on the bus - I'm not really sure if anyone notices or not. anyway, I usually get home and head straight to the kitchen, where I drink another glass or two of water. then I usually go sit on the computer, and do my homework. I love doing homework when I'm really desperate - it really turns me on, which makes it a little hard to focus on homework, but...it makes it a lot more fun. by about six o clock in the evening, I'm usually squirming really bad, crossing my legs, and sometimes (if I've dank a lot) resorting to grabbing my crotch. (I love the feel of rubbing my hands over my crotch when I'm really swolen, it makes me really horny) I don't want my parents to notice, so this is when I usually go to my bedroom, now doing everything I possibly can to hold the pee in. by about seven or eight, I have to go so bad that it hurts - but I always hold it in as long as I possibly can. this is my favorite part of it - I'm usually so horny at this point, and when I get to where I have to literally slip my hand through my tight jeans and under my panties, and shove my finger against my pee hole to stop the pee I get so horny I want to just sit down and ********** right there, but I don't because I know it'll be better later. I stay in my room until I have to pee so bad I can barely stand, and maybe even leaked once or twice (seeing a wet patch over my crotch turns me on a LOT.) when this happens, I try my hardest to run to the bathroom. I often lose a good leak or two running to the bathroom, but at this point I'm so horny and so desperate that I can hardly think. I get in the bathroom, close the door, and then just sit down, leaning against the door, with my legs crossed and my hand still shoved up against my crotch. this is where my legs sometimes start twitching as I have to use all of my strength and concentration to keep all of the pee in - I sit here until finally, I give, and my bladder bursts.

I love the feeling of peeing against my will - literally not being able to hold it in any longer - it doesn't come out in short leaks, it all just pours out - getting pee all over my hand that is still shoved against my crotch. I love the warm feeling as the **** soaks my panties and my tight jeans, pouring over my crotch and then soaking my ***...after what seems like minutes of constantly ******* and soaking myself, I unbutton my jeans and start ************ - oh, I just LOVE the feel of my warm, wet panties against the back of my hand...and the smell makes me so horny it's unbelievable...
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2010

peeing in pants is an art that should not be taken lightley. most people who want to or not endup wetting at some point in their life. this is a poem i think of when i read these stories. how dose it relate to you?:<br />
<br />
The happy ones<br />
The Sad ones<br />
The funny ones<br />
An yes the good ones to.<br />
And all the lovley bad ones

i love hold it in also till i cant stand it no more then run to bed and just let pee run all down my legs gets bed pantys and my jeans all soaked feels great purrs

i love doing that but the thought of peeing my pants makes me wants to erlier

THAT WAS HOT i love i when a women pees long streams and sits down.wish i was there to see that i would have loved to see your wet butt .