Accidentally On Purpose

so my friend and I played 9 holes of golf at her favorite course this past saturday. it was a very long course but we decided to walk because we were up for some excersise since the weather was nice.  in the morning when she came to pick me up, she was running late, so i didn't have to run in and go pee before we left. i already had to go pretty bad, but i had to wait. so after an excrusiating, bumpy ride to the course with my bladder slahshing around inside me every pebble, i started to dash towards the clubhouse to use the restroom. as i did, she called for me to unload the clubs while she went in to pay because our tee time was in 3 minutes. so i unloaded the clubs as fast as i could, hoping tere was a wait so i could go in and pee. but there wasnt and we arrived on the teebox just in time. the whole game was pretty shaky, standing awkwardly while i was taking shot to keep myself from dribbling, and bouncing on my knee every time i read a putt. all the while sipping on a gatorade to keep hydrated. so by the ninth hole, i was sure i was going to burst. "hmmmm..." i thought, what a great day for peeing in tight jeans. my friend allie, who also enjoys wetting, was coming to my house anyways. we could have fun with this! so, as we walked awkwardly back to the car, me holding myself as i got in, the urge so bad, i asked her about it, and she just started giggling. " I was going to ask you the same thing. I've been holding this in since last night!!!" So when we got to my house, we both put on blue cotton underwear and a pair of faded jeans. (we both like to get our pantys wet before we actually pee our pants.) so we set this up kind of like my other hold-it contest story. we both drank a glass of water then stood in my bedroom to see who dribbled first. (cotton pantys are the best for peeing in because the pee doesnt sit on top of it and you can really see the moisture) so we both stood staring at eachother, standing straight up with our hands behind our backs . once the pee started dripping on the floor, you lost. so we both stood there just staring at eacother, flexing our muscles trying not to lose. if it started leaking too much, we were allowed to stop it, because we still wanted to go in our jeans. after about 5 minutes of nothing, we both decided we werent allowed to tense our muscles anymore, we just had to relax, and if we felt it coming we had to let it come. about 20 seconds after i relaxed, i could feel it all rushing towards it's exit. i tensed up my muscles a little and it stopped, just letting a couple drops escape into my panties. i kept my eyes on allie though. first i saw a small dark dot.  then another, then after about a minutes, a gush visibly dampened her underwear. i looked at myself and relaxed. nothing happened so i gave it a little push. GUSH! soaked my panties. it still felt like it was coming so i tensed up, but it just kept flowing. drip drip sssssssssssss on the floor. i quickly bent over and held myself to stop the flow. not like that was a loss though, i had plenty more where that came from. just as i looked up, i saw a skinny stream spiling from allies underwear. after that we put our jeans on and srank another glass of water. i was so bloated i could barely button my pants . the added pressure made me feel like i wasn't even going to be able to hold it in. we were allowed to do anything we wanted/needed to hold it in, until we just couldnt hold it anymore, then we had to just let go on the spot. i started out by just sitting on top of the toilet. allie just stood in front of me holding herself with her legs crossed as we talked about experiences. after about an hour, the toilet seat helping me out pretty well, allie started to look realy squirmy. she started pacing back and forth but she was laughing . she told me she was going to go a little bit but not all the way. she put her hands on her thighs and relaxed. for a second i didnt see anything, but then i saw a dark spot appear at the crotch of her pants. i stood up and as soon as i did, i started gushing. a dark spot appeared on my crotch too. we both  decided it's feel good just to let go, so we counted 1,2,3, go! then both jus peed in our pants. it was loud as it hit the floor, soaking our jeans and socks. the dark spots just getting bigger and bigger. there was a massive puddle to clean up afterwards but it was worth it.

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5 Responses Oct 6, 2009

Yes!! Nothing better than peeing in tight jeans..Feels soooo good..

yeah jeans peeing is great. it was definitely worth it. wished i could have participated in ur pee holding competition :)

That sounds amazing I wish i was there for that contest im actually holding right now i will probally hold it for an other 2 hours or so

damn wish i could find u to do that with.. love the story

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