It feels so good to let loose and the way the fabric rubs up against my p*ssy and clings to my @ss and  the waist band when it cuts into me because my bladder is so full and the way that the wetness feels when you're done.....thats almost enough for me to want to let go right now I almost just let out a squirt writing this. Im crossing my legs. Anyways, this has been one of my fetishes since I was younger. I always felt weird for it and didnt even know anyone else wet their jeans on purpose until I came across this site. Ever since I was about 16 I would hold my pee for several hours then when my parents would go out somewhere or would be asleep I would step into the bathroom and let loose in my jeans until my jeans were soaked and I had a big yellow pool of pee at my feet then I would usually lay down in the tub and rub myself thru my soaken jeans then I'd wash the mess down the drain with some hot water to sterilize everything and so no one expected anything then I'd go put my wet jeans in the washer after i examined how wet they were and how much I p*ssed them. I also would go outside sometime in the summer after my parents were asleep I'd go out the back door and we had a little cement porch and I'd p*ss into my jeans and on that and sometimes if I was holding for long it would also flow into the grass. A couple times I put towels down and watched myself in front of the mirror.. that was really hot but it takes a lot of towels as I dont want to ruin the carpet.. or putting towels on my bed or the couch.. I've p*ssed in a lot of places I shouldn't have.. it just turns me on. And some people probably ask themselves "why jeans?" well thats so the fabric can catch some of your pee so its not going EVERYWHERE and to me its more of a turn on. How does everybody else feel about this?

pinkflirt pinkflirt
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Right! The pee just went down and that is the best feeling in the world :)

What a wonderful thing to share. I've always been turned on by the idea. When I was married, there were times when my wife would drink waaaaay too the point where she'd sleep through everything.....even wetting the bed. Funny thing is, I'd be awake when it happened. I remember the way the warmth would spread from under her to my side. I'd cuddle up close to her, cup my hand under her leaking vagina and enjoy the flow over my fingers.
It's always been a fantasy of mine to pin my girl against a wall and kiss her so deeply, so hard, and have her release her bladder while our tongued dance together.

It's not that I pefer to see a woman ******* naked on the floor but I can't resist the urge to dive in and taste it as she's doing it. But then again to watch a beautful woman peeing in her jeans and seeing the trail of darkening material moving down her legs and then a pool of golden **** forming around her feet --- well I wouldn't complain !

I think that's the sexiest wayy for a girl to wet herself. Thanks for sharing that great story, it has so much more weight coming from someone a beautiful as you pinkflirt. I've put together a pretty nice and extensive collection of videos since i was like 16 lol, (now I'm 23) and the tight jeans wetting vids are the best and my favorite. I get so turned on seeing that small, dark spot appear on the crotch of a girls pants when she starts to pee and just seeing that little spot grow and spread all around her ***** and then start to cascade down her legs is the hottest sight to behold for me; it's euphoric. I need to find a girl who'd be willing to give wetting a shot... and I've gotten pretty ballsy over the last couple of years also, often just coming out and asking the girl i'm with if she'd do it for me and i still haven't had any success! I hate how taboo this fetish is... although I have noticed a sizable influx of wetters since I first started exploring this fetish when I was 15-16, and that gives me hope, but after seeing all the women on this site alone who enjoy wetting themselves, I'm starting to think I'm just super unlucky lol. Do any of you women reading this happen to live in or around NJ-NYC? Couldn't hurt to ask :p

i would love to watch u when yr desperate and watch u pee in yr jeans

You sound just like me

Very horny story thankyour for sharing

i love watching in a mirror

I 100% relate and am horny as hell reading this

I also love to wet my jeans. I like the feeling of walking and peeing in them at the same time.

...I think women wetting in jeans is the most sexiest thing on earth.i likr to see he wet patch on the crotch grow, and then the wet patch on the butt get even bigger. i love when the wet patch covers the whole ***.WHAT A SITE!!. IT TURNS ME ON .i love it when women pee in their car.

Hot pee in tight jeans is so sexy, I love feeling my gf's! As well as doin it myself, of course. Hope you can soon experiment more in private! ;-P

******* your jeans is so intense! I find it very erotic that you love to do this yourself. I began wettng in jeans years ago. I agree with dannyboypg's comment above mine...have you ever taken any or would you consider posting a few pictures or a video clip? Of course your face wouldn't be shown...that would be extremely hot :) <br />
<br />
I was curious about something...when you **** your jeans, do you put your legs together or keep them apart? I've done it both ways myself; I like to keep mine together mostly. <br />
Thanks for sharing...I'd love to read more about you peeing your jeans sometime :))

wow jeans are the best pants to **** in. would love to see u do that in a video

Well I think jeans are the best for wetting. They hold the pee the best and it is so cool to watch the wet spread.

Nice story, you can't have enough old jeans to pee in...

The only thing wrong with it I don`t get to see it.I think I could understand your felling of hot pee staying in you jeans and felling the warm hot pee around your bits.

Hi, love to **** my jeans but they show too much wet! Usually pee just my knickers when wearing a skirt. But I like to wet in public places!

it is very dirty thing.u should not do it.