Interesting Places To Pee Inside The House

I've been holding it in for about 2 hours atm and I'm still drinking, I don't want to pee in the toilet, I want some idea on where I can pee ? I've pee'd out window before, into bottles, bath, sink, in corner of room before but it smelt too much and was worried people might notice that visit... pissed in bin, into cans and just looking for some more ideas for ******* inside.. I've pissed outside loads before too, behind my shed, just out back door, out front door.. in my front garden, against an ex's car. the lot lol

I don't want to pee myself though, not brave enough to try that out yet :P
JamesS15 JamesS15
18-21, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

This could be merged with "I like to pee in unusual places". Have you considered posting there?