Peeing In The Hospital

I was in the Hospital once for almost a month. I was involved in an auto accident and my back was messed up- still is! Most of the time I was out of it on meds. One day I was half asleep and overheard two nurses talking about some new med I was starting. One told the other that the med may cause involuntary urination by me. Hmmmmm I wasn't that far out of it.


I love to pee to bed and figured this is a perfect way to continue my fetish. So the next day after I had my sponge bath and my sheets changed. I decided to let one go. Oh it felt so good as I felt it warming my *** and the back of my legs. I stayed this way enjoying it until it started to cool and not feel as good. I buzzed the nurse and acted surprised that I had pissed to bed. She just smiled, said "that's okay!" and slid another blanket under me. Then she started was me again getting the pee off me. This wasn't a Nurse but a Nurses Aide! A young college girl getting credits for working in the Hospital. You could see them blush when they looked down at my penis while washing me. After she washed me they changed all my sheets and also put a pad under me.

I would do this whenever I felt horny or naughty. Every time I pissed I had an erection knowing this little College girl was going to fondle me. One of the days while she was washing me she bitched at me for her having to do this so much. Wrong thing to do! I was so bored in the hospital I looked forward and enjoyed these wettings. The next day the same Aide was on that had been bitchy at me the day before. While she was giving me my regular sponge bath, I decided to have a pee! You never saw a girl move so fast to get out of the way. She didn't even try to cover me! So I let it fly. I was watching her and trying to keep an innocent look on my face. The girl couldn't take her eye of me peeing. I really think she enjoyed watching me. Afterwards when she was washing me, she was very quiet and actually friendlier. We never talked of this, but, she would always check on me when she first came on duty and about every 30 minutes while she worked. They left me on the meds about another week and took me off. I had to stop my fun or they may wonder why I was still trying to pee on them. This was the best time I ever had in the hospital.

lvmtfshng18 lvmtfshng18
56-60, M
Feb 16, 2010