Pee Befor Bed

I've been In diapers since berth I cant even sleep now without a wet poppy diaper every night before bed I drink 10 glasses of water and I eat a lot of different foods. wen I finally feel like I have to poop and pee I go to bed and relax all my mussels and let it all go the warmth of the P and POO agents my body helps me sleep and the smell is pretty cool. I do this every night before I sleep and wen I wake up my mom changes me

bigd123 bigd123
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

hi,i thought you would like to hear from someone else who grew up being diapered 24/7 since birth, and enjoyed how good it felt everytime my mom changed my wet and poop filled diapers, right on up until i was almost 19, when she passed away. like you, i enjoyed falling asleep after having wet in my night diapers. sometimes poop filled too, although in my case, as i got into my later teens, i was waking up almost every morning, having messed in my wet diapers during the night while i slept. which was even better, since i also woke up with one heck of a throbbing erection. so, all that nice warm squishy poop wrapped around it, was put to good use in helping me hump myself to a quick climax inside my poopy diapers, before my mom came in to change them.and even though i had to finally learn how to change my own diapers after my mom passed away. i've never stopped enjoying myself in wet and messy diapers, at night, or anytime during the day.thanks for sharing your experience.God Bless and keep you safe.alice