Cant Sleep Without Poo

wen I was little I had week bous and a week bladder so I alwase wet and mess the bed at first my mom thaut it was nothing. It only happend on acations but I still wanted to wear diapers so I started to wet and poop on perpose. One night I woke up dry and clean so befor my mom came in to check I forced the poop out and peed and toled her it came out in the night. she still wasn't convinced so one day I felt some poop coming I tride to holde for as long as posible but wen I got to the bathroom I let it out in my pants. finaly she put me in diapers. I was able to poop and pee all I wanted in publick and at home and I loved it. the way it felt wen worm poo filed the diaper even better my mom disited to save diapers I wolde wear one diaper a day so wen I pooped I got the chance to sit in it and squish it around and do it agen all day untill my mom changed me.

bigd123 bigd123
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

i did the same thing and i love the feeling of poo going into the diaper specially in public