I Pee On The Chair In The Pub

I like the freedom to just be able to pee whenever I want to, wherever I happen to be. It is not always possible of course but when I am in the pub - it is.

I like to just sit in the same chair all evening and just pee through my skirt and let it soak into the chair. I wait until closing time, drinking as much as I like and just peeing whenever I want. Delicious. I can chat with my friends and no one notices that I am deliciously wet. Next day the seat has dried and no one would know what has happened.


Paulypeeps Paulypeeps
7 Responses Nov 17, 2009

I bet the next day it smell good thow

are u sitting then bareass on that chair or with your skirt between?

It all depends how long my skirt is. Often too short to sit on if I am going clubbing after, but sometimes long enough that I sit and pee through my skirt.

It is quite fun though to feel the texture of the upholstery on my bare bottom, and then to feel it get wet too when I am wearing a very short skirt.

you are delicious <br />

want to sit in my lap and wet us, then we switch?

id probly blow my load if i was drinkin with you and knew you were peeing yourself! skirt peeing gets me so worked up!

Hey, cool. I often do things like this, because a friend of mine owns a pub, and allowed me to pee into the chairs. I really like the feeling of peeing with nobody else noticing it. Often I think, that peeing is most hot, when it seems to be something unimportant, even though it is'nt.

My pee soaks into the seat and I guess that it runs through onto the carpet (one key to being discrete is not looking for the pee!). It is amazing how much pee dirty carpet will soak up! I usually drink at least three litres in an evening, and it all ends up in the seat!<br />
<br />
Wetting the same seat the next day just washes the old pee out so it never gets any smellier (like my skirts!).<br />
<br />
Don't very often pee the same seat again that often. I like to spread it around a bit.<br />
<br />