I Love To Pee Where I Sit

movies: if im at the movies i go in a skirt and pee through my panties right onto the seat and the seat soaks it up and then the people have to clean it up instead of me

bar: the bar has those foam seats and its just convienient to go when your drinking and sitting because then you can drink all you want and not have to goto the bathroom

house: i have plastic coverings on my furniture  all day so i can go on them at the end of the day i clean it off then put it back on its all over the floor to so i can go where ever i want in the house its awsome

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10 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I think peeing int the cinema is wrong. Sure... it must feel good, but what would you think if you'd have to clean up after someone els? This kind of thinking is really selfish...

wow that is cool i would let you pee any where you want.

i've never done it at the theater but have done it at home and out on the lawn chair.yes it feels so nice just to let go and feel the warmth on your crotch and butt.

<3 so now I know, I wanna be a cinema seat when I grow up!

I love doing the movie theatre thing. I've pissed into cinema seats many times :)

Very nice. I've done it in a movie theatre before but being wearing jeans, it was pretty obvious who wet the seat so. I left before the lights came out so no one could easily see that it was I who wet the seat. LOL

Interesting , I never thought of preparing my home so I can go anywhere. When I lived on my own for a year I did pee and wet in a lot of places. It even got a little bit out of hand. I just posted a story today somewhere else about peeing at my computer in my chair. <br />
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I am less into using protection. And I have wet chairs and stuff in public too but I have to do it really secretly and only when I am alone for the most part anyhow. Thanks for the nice story.

thanks for sharing!<br />
what do you like to wear for this?

That's nice. I like peeing in the cinema too, but usually I pee through my skirt rather than move it out of the way.<br />
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I usually have a very short skirt on when I go to the pub (see my video on facebook) so I wet the chair like you.<br />
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You should make sure that you drink a lot, then your pee will be nice and dilute and the cinema people will have nothing to clean up when it dries.<br />
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Oh wow, we should go to the movies some time! I have a "favorite" chair in my office that I ALWAYS have a towel on for this purpose. Thanks for sharing.