While Waiting (blog 6-25-09)

in the Boston airport, I look around while I am on here and see quite the range of people. There is a family that is going somewhere, maybe just to Charlotte NC or on to other points unknown, others are on the phone talking, joking, or crying.

There is a woman that has been on the phone crying since I got here all she has is a cup of coffee and her purse, and not like small tears but red face, stuffy nose type. Wonder what is causing such grief in her life.

There is a group of women (4 actually) sitting next to her and they are laughing and joking around they are obviously having a high time in their lives. Wonder how was or where was the party.

Other fruitlessly search for a power outlet for their crackberrys and laptops.

We all sit and wait for the passengers to get off the plane that just arrived and to see the people who come off the plane. Some are families maybe coming home others are here for the weekend of business or vacation. There was a team of guys that are all wearing the same shirts, looks like they travel allot.

Some people seem to care how they look cause they have on nice shirts or pants and they seem to be comfortable and others have the air of "I just don't give a ****."

There are guys at a bar/restaurant having beer with their eggs for breakfast. It is only 10am.

The gate attendants are changing the flight board and getting started with their new flight that they are going against the clock, moving the herd as they may say.

All of us will be on the same plane and all have different stories, different destinations, different points in our lives.

Most of the time do we stop to look around and see those around us? Do we get out of our own heads and wonder about others that seem to be shadows in the haze?

The business man in his suit

The guy in basic jeans

The blond in almost spandex pants with big pearl earrings.

The friends that are laughing still and going on about some inner circle joke.

The family that is part stressed and part fun. (Parents stressed and kids fun)

The mother/daughter couple that is going to Florida for the sun maybe, since it hasn't been sunny here for a month.

The mom with the kid whose leg is in a cast and the mom carries a cane.

People who are finishing off the report or taking care of customers before they are isolated for a few hours from their world.

The movement of the planes going on outside the window, the flight attendants and pilots that are now arriving to take us to points around the world.

The birds that are stuck forever here in the terminal cause they flew in the wrong way and can't get out, but when everyone is dropping their bread crumbs why would they leave?

The constant announcements of people keeping their bags close or that they will be taken and burned for safety and security sake.

It is interesting life at the airport while you wait.

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