I like watching people because you can learn a lot about a person just by really paying attention to them.  I watch people everywhere all the time.  But then it has been drilled into me by my dad.  He always said, "Always be aware of your surroundings."  And I am.  I pay attention even when people don't think I am.  I was trained that way.  My kids hate it too because I always know what they're doing.  People are funny creatures that have interesting habbits.
Brunhild Brunhild
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I watch how people walk. Don't know why but there's so many who have a unique walking style for what ever reason. It fascinates me

This runs in your family. :D. I too like watching them.

It's so great to find so many people that think the way I do......Now I don't feel like such an odd duck.....Lol<br />
Thanks for all your comments.....:)

That is so true i always c people pickin there noise or there *** and u can allso tell if u watch them long engouh u can tell what kind of person they r it is funny sometimes what u c when people r not lookin even when u r drivin down the road and look over lol :) Tigeroo

Wow, 12 people out of 13, (OK, now it's 13 out of 14), like minded people. I also find that by being one who is always scanning my "area" I also come across interesting & mostly un-noticed things or places. My husband talks about the hazards of people & their headphones, not knowing what is going on around them and he's 100% correct. However, I used to walk a lot of places with my headphones on but they made me more aware as I was always looking. Plus, I could click the machine off with no one noticing and hear all that people were saying around me. What surprised looks I'd get when some realized I'd heard everything said. Keep up the People Watching, Ya All. lol

I love walking around - people watching, and taking photos of goings on.

I worked as an armed security guard for a while and it was my job to watch people......Some of them didn't like it and I asked if they had a guilty conscious.......Hahahaha....I was good at my job....

Yeah i do that too, when i meet people for the first time. , i look at them to READ them, and see what they really are, i may not learn alot from them but atleast i get something

Me too....If I get a bad feeling I listen to it and distance myself from that person (people).....You can be kind and on your guard at the same time.....Thanks everyone for your comments.....:)

I do the same thing but have ben screwed over one to many times and only help when thay ask if i have the time I feel that the onley ones i need to please any more is the wife and kids

You're right...You can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all the people all of the time......I am also careful of who I help because I too have been screwed over......I do my best to please God first.....The rest will fall into place....As for the kids, they're not happy unless they always get their way and we all know that's impossible....:)

:) glad to see that there are others too:) observing people is interesting after all human beings are fascinating creatures. Some of us are creatures of habit and some are unpredictable. It always good to know what people do and the reasons they do it (logical or not). <br />
<br />
From observing people around me especially the ones that I know, sometimes I can predict their next move and what their thoughts are on some issues - some of them find it weird that I know that about them, but its all in the power of observation. People tend to say a lot especially when they are not saying anything at all:)

I completely agree.....My kids think I'm psychic.....Hahahaha

Wow! I am no different! I am also always on "High Alert" mode! funny how most people are so unaware of their surroundings!

I know....I find it alarming myself....Glad to know other people feel the same way....

Very true, people that fail to watch their surroundings are easy targets for those that desire to make them a victim.

Very true....I used to say my mom had a sign that said "rob me" on her forehead.....She's had her purse snatched so many times.....So yes, that is exactly why I do what I do.....Thank-you for your comment....:)

Dear Brunhild: I find nothing wrong with your post and agree, totally. One can learn a lot about life by observing others --- their mannerisms, dress, conversations, how they "carry themselves", etc.<br />
I think you're rightr on target --- and, enjoy continuing to wach. <br />
"La Vie en Rose" (Life through rose-colored glasses).<br />
Regards, Jim.

Thank-you.....Every thinks "That will never happen to me." but,really, who is it all happening to???? Thank-you for your comment...:)

Brunhild: I find your post insightful. I find only one thing that confuses me. You postured a dictum --- not a question --- meaning that you "stated" --- then answered your own post.
That's not unheard of. Except, you're not asking a question --- you're just expressing yourself. NOTHING wrong with that.
By the way ---- your post, based upon the replies you've gotten, has "reached" most of us. Best to you! JIM.

I enjoy people-watching too, how they present themselves to the World and the impression and attitude they show , without even saying a word. It is very important to always 'be aware of your surroundings' with a positive attitude in the way you hold yourself, walk and behave, which will be to your advantage if, heaven forbid, someone else, whose intentions are not quite as honourable, has you in their eye.

You said it very well yourself...:)

Judging a book by it's cover, stereotypes and prejudice. What a great set of values to impart on an impressionable youth. Way to go, dad.

I have NEVER been predudice to people.....I have been the one to suffer through stereotypes and predudice and been taken advantage of and done very wrong because of my friendly nature.....I've always tried to help people sometimes to my detriment and....Of course I have become more guarded.....Wouldn't you be if you were taken advantage of and severly mistreated for your kindness???? I merely read people to ascertain their intentions towards me.....If you think that's stereotypical and prejudice then you need to look in the dictionary.....