The Lethal Look

I enjoy watching people.

My 11 hours flight from Australia to Dubai last weekend was educational. The flight stewardess seemed keen to serve my husband. I was left to watch. My husband was amused and couldn't wait for my reaction.


She smiled coquettishly to him, and the smile almost disappeared when she glanced my way. I asked for a glass of coca cola and believe it or not, I got only that glass throughout the journey whereas my husband was very hydrated and fed.

Business class nightmare!


So I gave her THE LOOK.

Problem solved haha

I was picked up by our driver from the hotel to go to the Consulate. The hotel doorman opened the car door for me. I greeted him for a few seconds recognizing him from 16 years ago. Just as I stepped into the car, a man in his chic Range Rover sounded his car horn and gave me the finger.

He couldn't wait for 10 seconds.

I too gave him THE LOOK.

Security came forward to warn him.

Another problem solved;)

Sadly, I saw a lot of the arrogance and impatience throughout Dubai towards the workers and staff in the restaurants, offices, on the roads etc.

I will continue to watch people and give them THE LOOK.

That LOOK seems to solve many of my problems;)

It is worth more than A thousand words.



Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
5 Responses Sep 17, 2012

no need to thanks.

I, too, loved this story, Duchess.

I also have been a master of THE LOOK since I was a child. My kids were terrified of it. It has served me well ;-)

Aha! I knew it! ;) xx

i enjoyed your story

Thanks Nadeem for coming to read my silly stories;)

The look we all use it LOL

Eyes don't lie, they can fry eggs- hahaha ... I picked up mine from my Mom ;) LOL

Use Those Wicked Eyes Duchess!!! You go girl~

I have quite piercing eyes when I give The Look. My husband knows it well hehehe. My eyes are not wicked, crone arrghhhh. I'm hurt hehehe ( no I'm not;)) x

Of course your eyes are not "wicked" Duchess, they are merely "expressive" but....when you want to put some wicked fire in MUST be quite effective.... (you're not hurt, you know that you enjoy making your eyes do that "burning their guts out" thing)
:-) x