An Acceptable Way To Spy

My mom taught me how to people watch on a road trip. While my dad was in a gas station she told me that if looked around I could find all kinds of funny characters. She pointed out an ordinarily looking bald man hurrying from the market doors and said, "Look, there's Larry Hutchinson. What a funny man, wearing a hat in the sun. His wife hates it because he'll never leave home without it and loses it all the time because he's that crazy." Intrigued, I remember asking where he had gotten the hat, and how long had he had it, and had anybody asked him why it was so important to him? When my mom told me I could make that part up I found that deliciously hilarious and entertain myself to this day in this way.
TheRamblingRose TheRamblingRose
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 20, 2012

So cute. What a great way to exercise a childs imagination. And a grown ups too!