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Anywhere I go, I always seem to stop everything to do a little people watching.  It fascinates me that we get to witness a tiny facet of people's lives everyday.  These could be good times or bad.  I start to think what moments of my life would I want to be "people watched"?  Do I want someone to watch me when I make that mad dash out to get the newspaper in my pajamas with unbrushed hair?  Not so much.  Do I want someone to see me when I'm walking down the street and I walk out of my shoe and stumble a bit?  Not so much.  Anyway to get back to my point I love to people watch.  I find myself making up scenerios for people that I see.  I create these stories and situations for them based on things I notice about them.  For example, take the guy in front of me at the coffee shop this morning. I determined he was late for a conference call this morning because his wife accidently unplugged his alarm clock the night before when she was vacuuming.  It's just a crazy little scenario that I completely and totally made up just to keep my mind occupied.  Please tell me that someone else does this just so I don't think I'm crazy!

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i wonder stories for the people i see, as well...but more often than not, i imagine scenarios for myself [often involving a real or imaginary lover, lol, some little scene on the corner of a busy street or something along those lines...]

I do the exact samething. It's nice to know that i'm not alone. I think it just shows that we have big imaigenations(not a very good speller). My husband does not understand it or eigher he just chooses not to believe me, but he thinks that I am looking at guys and trying to their attention!!!!. I have even explained to him what I am actually doing, which is pretty much exactly what you said to a T. But he still seems to have a problem with it. But it all really comes down to the fact that I am not going to give up my god given right to look where I want to look and to think what I want to think, just because he has insecurties. It probably has something to do with his ex wife who cheated on him for the whole marriage and lied and said that their two kids where his when in fact they come from the affairs and one night stands she had all the time!! But I don't think its fair that I am having to pay for the things she did. She really messed with his head and its really hard to get him to believe that all I want is him and a good marriage and we also have three kids who are 4, 3, and 2. But anyway back to the point you are not strange in anyway and thanks for shareing your story, now I can show him that I am not the only one.

I often ask myself if I do it cuz I am nosey or interested. I say both. :D <br />
I don't think there is anything wrong with being nosey to a certain point.

I do the exact same thing. My husband laughs at me when I do it but I can not help it. I just wonder about other people and how they live and the things they do.

the question to myself is do i people watch because i am nosey or interested? what it for you

I think that's a great story! :D<br />
<br />
When I people watch well, I do a similiar thing, although I look for clues that relate to aspects of their character, things that they wear large from within themselves. <br />
<br />
At other times I like to just *feel* where they might be at.<br />
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But no, you're definitely not crazy! I think that people watching has made me more empathic towards the world at large. I'd like to think that I'm being watched with sympathy rather than judgement, so it's nice to know that maybe someone out there is making up a story for my day :)<br />
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(And it's bound to be more interesting that my actual story :P)