The Falcon And The Pigeon

This story is about what I saw
I would be in cautionary doubt, otherwise

For first, I'll introduce you to what would not be needed if you lived in my country, Argentina, or near enough

There are, by here and around, a special kind of wood pigeons
They are, as lot of birds and almost all pigeons, monogamous
If the female dies, the male usually stops to eat untill ends, only except they were caring eggs or their little ones
But one subspecie of those wood pigeons are big one birds
Male can weight as much as a chiken and even as small turkeys
They are rarely seen in the cities, but yes in certain suburbs

One of the falcons we have is of the same family of the Pilgrim one, as fast but smaller than the North Sea one

Next introductory words are about me

My work leads me oftenly to manufacturing plants and logistic wharehouses, between other places that are not located in within the main cities areas

The story itself:

I was once just thinking how to solve something while walking trough the trucks parking yard
A group up said pigeons were feeding on the floor, while the falcon watched at them from the high

Every 15 minutes or so, the falcon tried to capture one of the pigeons
When so, female group flied to the near buildings and stayed below their eaves
While this, and as expected, males flied in opposite direction, remaining visible to atract falcon's attack far from their families

Same scene was repeated four or five times, untill happened something new
On of the females get distracted eating and gets to be the perfect target for the descending falcon
Dices where already throwed, and seems that nothing could change the ending result

When I saw something such that my mind was forced to believe his eyes
Flying above the falcon, wich was then about seven feet from ground above the female pigeon, a big and heavy male pigeon let him fall abruptly, crashed and grabed the falcon, and release him when near the floor
The falcon shocked the cemented floor and died, as a cat could later verrify

That was a natural though strange example of what a grandfather of mine called "the anger of the peaceful"

Hope you like this story


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1 Response May 14, 2012

Wow. I would love to have witnessed that. I like that-- 'the anger of the peaceful.'