These may be stupid question, but are emotions all in our head? 

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I think your question is a good one, but I wonder exactly what you are asking. When you say "all in our head" do you mean not real? I have often heard the ex<x>pression "It's all in your head" used to refer to something that appears to be but in fact is not. So are you asking if emotions are just something we make up? Are they just an illusion? If this is your question then I think the answer is no. They are very real. Neuroscience claims that certain areas of the brain are involved in emotions. I believe an area called the amygdala is most strongly correlated with emotional response, and there are a variety of chemicals associated with emotional response as well though I can't name any off the top of my head. So if you mean to ask if emotions are literally in our head, meaning in the brain, I think the answer is a yes. The brain is the trigger for emotional response. If you were to cut out the area in your brain (a method known as ablation) responsible for a specific emotion you would no longer be capable of having that emotion. I hope this was helpful.

Emotions may be made in my head with chemicals and such, but I feel them in my heart.

What we actually recognize as emotions is at least partly physical chemistry, which is psychologically *triggered*and *experienced*.<br />
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You could redefine emotion to mean the (mental) *triggers* of these chemical processes, but then how would you separate it from "thought"?<br />
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Or, you could redefine emotion to the (mental) *experience* of these chemical processes, but then how would you separate it from "sensing"?

But what I mean is, is it a mental part of our head? Nothing physical about it. Now that may not make sense.

emotions are a complex dance of chemicals that effect our brain and body. They can be the result of inner or outer, our thoughts, fears, etc can cause a release of certain chemicals that cause an emotion, or sitting in the sun, getting a hug, being surprised can cause our bodies to release chemicals which in turn effect our thoughts.<br />
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It goes in both directions.

I'd say many of them, if not all, are in other parts of my body as well. :)<br />
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Also, there are no stupid questions. Just narrow-minded answerers.

Emotion lies between perception and conceptualization.