The Great Aristotle

Its been eating me alive knowing that i have all these thoughts and nobody to share them with. Well im glad i found this site. Because it allows me to express my thoughts to people who are LOOKING to hear and understand instead trying to express your thoughts to a friend who doesnt understand or who just plain doesnt care...

I believe that my mind far exceeds that of an average-minded teenager, or young adult. Everything I encounter, always ends the same way. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE. I've come to a point to where I observe & analyze everything that crosses my path UNTIL i find a purpose or an outcome. A solution as to why or HOW this has happened. CAUSE and EFFCT i guess some people would call it.

I take philosophies to the extreme. I Create my own sometimes out of reactions of anxiety. But i wont stop thinkin about something untill i find an answer. I get soo deep into a topic to where i Crave to know everything i can about it. LIke when your reading a really good book. You get to the climax part to where your craving to know more soo you read on until that craving feeling is fulfilled. And you feel better about yourselfThis is the same way i am when i daydream or think... Im known to be a really outgoing and shinning kid when im around ppl. I dont really have problems with meeting peopl. But there are time when im around other people and i analyze them and their just to see how they are. Kinda of like gettin to know somebody without actually "gettin to know them" ill sit there and observe there every action and then ill judge them slowly on what type of person they are.

KNOWLEDGE IS fullFilling and satisifying to me, but its not just school knowledge tht im talking about its more of people and knowing how the way things work in life itself in this WORLD.

I believe in findin the truth about the coverups that are in the world today. HOW FAR DO YOU take reality?

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But have you left the cave?

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First before i speak i want to say my english can contain wrong things , i'm not english... :p just saying..<br />
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i completely understand you, i'm 18years old and sometimes i wonder why so many people around me don't think the way i do. They care about lil' things.. Well, i do too, but i put alot of interest in thinking/daydreaming about life.. just life and the way we are living and the way we should be living.. i'm not saying life is difficult for evryone, but i can't stand the fact that everyday there are more and more people who suffer in pain, who are imprisoned (hope i spelled that right) in the society we live in..

I can relate to you..I have this urge to explain everything and anything I encounter and it's not possible nor practical..but I do it regardless