Its Fells Great

I will usually drink alot and then i will hold everything in until i cant hold it! One time i was on my way home and i had drank alot! and i had a good 30 mins left and i ddint think i would make it so i kept holding it and then when we were at a stop light i couldnt hold it so i just went! and i was wearing jeans i felt so much warmer after it!
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

I'v done that too. You go out driniking on a saturday nite and you come back home and you have to pee really bad from drinking. Last year i was staying a Harrahs hotel in southern IL (metropolis). I was out at the bars accross the river and had to drive back, I got lost and had to pee really bad on the way home. I finally found my hotel again and in the 'maze" of halways and casinos it took I found my elevators. Finally up to the 4th floor where my room was the pressure was too much, so i just walked about 200ft down from the elevevator lobby to my room door peeing my briefs and jeans all the way down the hotel hallway. I thought hmm who cares its its a casino they can clean the carpets LOL.

In the privacy of your own room you can drink a lot of water or soda, and once you start feeling the need to pee, set a timer for, say, two hours, and just not leave your room until the timer rings.