Smelly Pissed Jeans

Smelly jeans - Read this story and find out! What do you think?Let me know your comments. It's again a real happening, no fiction! .....

I simply had to do it again. I wanted to feel the warm yellow stream on my legs,  making its way further down to my knees, finally reaching my socks and my butt.
 It was after work; when getting home when I felt the desire.
 Having not used the toilet for hours and after enjoying some fruit juice and beer,my bladder was bursting full.
 Pulled out my smelly pair of jeans from a plastic bag. These jeans hadn't been washed for a fairly long time; after each ****-session they had just been dried and placed back into the bag. Instantly, a strong smell of **** filled the room after putting them on. My heart was pumping faster in anticipation of what would be going to happen.
 A ****-stained smelly T-shirt which had served the same purpose many times before,  after putting it on completed my feeling of joy.
 It was already dark outside. Since it was fairly could, I put on my coat and  walked down the street. There were few people around on that foggy evening.
 Went to a pizzeria, ate a pizza and drank one glass of beer. An exciting smell of old **** came up to my nose. I got more and more excited. After leaving the restaurant, I sat down
 on a bench and paused for a while. Instantly I felt a strong urge to reload some ****.
 The coad covered my body almost down to the knees, so it wouldn't been noticed from outside so soon anyhow. I just let it flow. It was thrilling feel it running down to my butt. Stopped the flow, enjoying the feeling of wettening my butt completely.
 Pushed some more into my jeans, making sure the butt was completely wet. Oh yes - it was!! The bench was dripping with **** when standing up! While walking down the street,
 the **** made its way all down my legs. Soon, the dark coloured stain became visible, creeping under my coat. People passing by may have seen it but nobody said anything to me. I started walking faster,then standing round the corner near my house.
 The smell of old and new **** made me so excited that I emptied my bladder right  where I stood. I couldn't hold it any longer. I felt it flooding right down to my feet wetting even my shoes. A ****-puddle from dripping and leaking **** covered the pavement.
 **** made its way  from the belt up to my shirt. It was fantastic! Not being able to hold it any longer, I shot my load. I just walked back home, as fast as I could, in totally soaked, ****-dripping, smelly jeans...
 I thought to myself: oh boy, it was just fantastic. When will I do it again? 

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Love to lick the mess up for you

I love wearing a pair of jeans I have pissed over and over and **** them again, it makes me horny as hell.

Yes, like you I have a pair of re-used pissy jeans, must have been peed in at least 50 times. Just like you, the smell of the stale **** as i put them on, gets me horny straight away, and then I can't wait to rewet them. As you so rightly point out, the heady smell of new and old **** together is such a turn-on, and inevitably *** is added to the mix. Sometimes I like to put these filthy jeans on and watch videos of young men peeing in their jeans, and try to **** mine at the same time that they do, and, of course, toss off with them as well.

Please post again when you repeeet!!