**** Flood

It had been a long day of work. I was on a business-trip abroad in a small village near Paris. I havn't used the toilet since morning, being very busy with meetings and official work. After work, my colleagues and I  decided to sit at the hotel bar to enjoy a couple of beers. We went to the hotel where I stayed. The beer-session was very relaxing indeed. But my bladder was getting fuller every minute. I couldn't tell how long I would be able to hold it. After an hour or so my colleage had to leave in order to catch his bus. I said goodbye and quickly left for my room. The pressure on my bursting-full bladder was so hard, that, by a sharp hiss, a first shot of **** went into my jeans before I reached my destination. That happened between the elevator and my room. The wet-stain however could not be seen yet. There weren't too many people around anyway. I stepped into my room, took of my shoes and jacket. Stepped to my bed, took off the blankets, so that only the mattress remained. Rested on my back, lying on the bed. Then I opened my 'tab' and just let it flow. I felt a big relief. Only seconds later, the jeans turned dark at the ****-area, with a hissing sound the warm, yellow liquid made its way down my legs and to my butt. I was in heaven. After the first pressure had gone, I waited for a while to allow the **** to cover my legs more. The ****-bow touched my knees. At my butt, I felt the liquid soak the mattress more and more. A dark puddle started to expand under my but, becoming ever larger.  In the meantime, **** started wettening my shirt from the bottom. 'Oh, it's a good idea' I thought. Only thing is, that my shirt was still dry in the chest area. No problem, I just have to 'work' on this! Pulled out my hardening **** from the jeans, clinging with **** and letting flow the remaining contents of my bladder on my shirt. The stream ran down all the way from top to bottom, from my chest to the jeans, from the chest to my back, wettennig the mattress under my back.  Finally the ******* ended this ****-session. After that, I was soaked completely from head to toe. The ****-stain on the mattress covered an area of roughly one square-meter. The good part was, that no trace of the event could be seen after rotating the matress to the other side...

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Damn hot story!

This was fine until you soiled the hotel mattress and bedding. Those of us that stay in hotels pay for your fun.

Very sexy!!