Hi Guys

okay simple question do you guys play on ps3 xbox or pc for battlefield?
Sophiecd Sophiecd
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xbox 360

Hi, I play on PS3. ID: M16Magnum44


i shall add you when i get the chance though I play alot on pc now

PC kyle_de_guile

Also guys if you like battlefield 3 then maybe you should check out a game calle arma 2 the graphics aren't as good but the scale is massive and the realism is unmatched


Fair play I've been told that it looks slightly worse on xbox can anyone confirm that because I can see the difference but that might just be the difference of the 2 tvs' and another question what's your longest headshot

To clarify I am one of these snipers on battlefield 3 that will try an kill you regardless of how far away you are

me too whats ur longest headshot? mines 1200. fav sniper rifle?

As it stands it's 1584m but on ps3 the problem is that after 1000m on the new maps you can see people but only their muzzle flash so I shall add you once I get my new pc in a week do you have steam

i did I can redownload it

cool okay then i need to get it for steam though

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cool yeah i think it's better on ps3 but yeah same 1942 all the way