Cheating In Detroit Casinos??

I've been playing Blackjack for 30 years. I've played all over in the States , Central America, the Caribbean, and a few times on Cruise
Ships. I believe the Casinos in Detroit are cheating. Things happen here (I live in the Detroit area ) that just don't happen in an honest game. This morning I lost 5 hands in a row 8 times in 2 hrs an 45 minutes ( about 180 hands). I have seen this same sort of thing too many times to believe it is just bad luck or a bad run of cards. It's got something to do with the shuffling machines. There is no State enforcement or Inspections in in Detroit. I had a Dealer tell me she has been working in Greektown for 10 years and has never seen the State inspect the place. I am a skilled player and I have won , lost or held my own everywhere else I play but I just can't win in Detroit!! I'd like to here some in put about Blackjack inDetroit from other players
wildcherry62 wildcherry62
61-65, M
May 16, 2012