Games That Get Someone Naked

I lke playing stripping games, so eventually at least one person gets naked. Any game works, board games, sports, cards, games of chance, video doesn't matter really can set stripping rules for pretty much anything.
TexasBelle TexasBelle
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17 Responses Feb 5, 2011

Sounds like fun !!!!!!!

Have you ever lost and had to do a forfeit?

I've come up with some good rules for ***** Trivial Pursuit.


I invented a game you can play alone or with a partner and get naked

whats the game?

There is a site***** where you can play against other people. look for me Jak Knoff on Friday from noon till about 2 or on Monday same time Else try Tues or Thurs from 5:30 to about 7:30 in the evening. We can play against each other.

I would love to play. Never did when I was younger. With the gang of kids I ran around with it wasn't an option. My only stipulation would be that there be members of the opposite sex involved. No fun getting naked with just your own sex around.

I played once and lost but refused to get naked. I now wish the other players had forced me and put out naked.

They should have. They should have held you down, ******** you naked and made you go home that way.

letz play

I played nude twister it was so weird one of the boys got red and yellow he ended up on top of me

Sounds like fun to me. I would love to try. Was good at twister when I was young. Don't know how good I would be now but would love to try.

Would love to play anything where there's a chance someone will get naked. really hope it'll be me.

Any games are fun naked u r rite about that

this is awesome, wanna play a game with me too ?

I've come up with rules for ***** Trivial Pursuit.

We are a real nudist family and love to play nude twister with other families.

xbox count too? ;P

True. Any game can be a stripping game. Ideally, everyone gets naked.