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Games That Get Someone Naked

I lke playing stripping games, so eventually at least one person gets naked. Any game works, board games, sports, cards, games of chance, video doesn't matter really can set stripping rules for pretty much anything.
TexasBelle TexasBelle 22-25, F 5 Responses Feb 5, 2011

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We are a real nudist family and love to play nude twister with other families.

xbox count too? ;P

Prudes dont like it when I propose a stripping game. I have always found that when you push someone out of their comfort zone, they will focus on the task at hand much better. Years ago there were four of us (two couples) playing a game called Pictionary right after it first came out. We were drinking and it was late. I wanted to play more and up the stakes. I proposed we play quick rounds for articles of clothes. It was winter and we were all fully dressed so the odds were fair. The other couple were up for it and we all wound up in our underwear in a matter of minutes. That is when you can tell if a person is uncomfortable...........My wife and I have a nudist attitude, the other couple we had no idea of their comfort level. This was not sexual, mind you. Just a friendly game. The other gal lost the following round, which did she prefer to remove first, her bra or panties??? Well her panties were removed via squirming on the chair. We were sitting at the kitchen table and she was hiding her bareness under the table. When I lost the next round I promptly stood up and dropped my skivies only inches from her face. Literally my penis was less than a foot from her nose. Obviously she had not seen too many man parts, she was only 24 and less than experienced. After I gave her a good long look, I sat down and winked at my friend across the table. He was grinning from ear to ear. The game ended and we were all naked and the girls were happy to have two nice ***** bare in front of them. The young lady at the table made a beeline to the bathroom with her clothes. When we were picking up the game, the three of us noticed a nice moist spot on her chair. When my friend call out to her, while she was in the bathroom, not to put her clothes on, they were going to bed...............

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i love the way you think and play.<br />
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True. Any game can be a stripping game. Ideally, everyone gets naked.