Anyone Here Play Dn?

Dragon nest (North American version)
i am so addicted to this game i tend to loose sleep becuase of it.
problem is i can never find people out of game unless its on tumblr, but even then most of those players play the other version (korean [sp?])

i play on the Elena server usually in channel 1, if its not lagging me. if im not there then i'm probally in either 3, or 13.
my characters are a swordsman called Leccess and a priest called Aratone.
more than willing to pvp you if i get to know you, i prefure protect and ghoul though i will do rounds or respawn. FFA isnt that bad but it kinda annyoys me.
also if we have the right players i will be happy to join a nest run and cross my fingers i dont get disconnected from the world x.x

if you have never heard of DN then allow me to inform you:
you can download the game on that site, and look around it a bit. the NA (north american) version isnt finished yet, i dont think the korean version is either actually but im not sure. right now the lv cap is 40 but it will be increased as the game gets translated/converted/added to/ what ever you want to call it.
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May 6, 2012