Tera's Senior Producer Looks At The Game's Past, Present, And Future

Saying that it "feels as though a giant weight has been lifted off [his team's] shoulders" now that TERA has launched, En Masse Senior Producer Brian Knox has turned his attention to the instant and much future of the game. He says the fact that team is hard at work ironing out "pain points" for players, but his big enthusiasm is functioning to make the PvP experience even better and to roll out the battlegrounds this summer.

"I want to continue to slowly iterate our PvP-server rules," Knox stated in an interview published yesterday. "I think TERA's skill-based plan is a natural fit for PvP players, and I want to develop a plan that encourages and rewards PvP participants."

Knox addressed the pace of the leveling experience (he says it should be a "smooth and even ride" if players stick to the tale and do all the quests), the price of teleportation scrolls (expensive for lowbies, inexpensive for veterans), and what to do at the endgame (answer: a lot). As much more players reach the high levels, En Masse is preparing to juice up its nexuses and political system, the two of which require a decent amount of participants to work.

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May 10, 2012