'Bluffing Myself', Or Any Other Half Hearted And For Some Reason Slightly Euphamistic Sounding Poker Based Pun.

Other examples might have included- 'I'm almost all in'.. 'Get ready, I'm about to fold'.. 'I see your body and raise you my.. wait, that'd probably be a little too much :P
Anyway, I haven't written a story here for a while.. I've been looking at my 'experiences' just to see if anything inspires me but I'm mainly just getting incoherent ideas and disjointed emotion.. I figured this would be an easy one to start with, just to kind of get my mind focused on one thing.. That was the plan anyway before I started writing potential dialogue to bad poker based ***********.. Possibly starring Phil Heavenmouth and Annette Understud.. Okay, I really need to stop :/
So yeah, I enjoy playing poker.. I enjoy watching poker, I enjoy talking about poker.. I haven't really played too much recently though.. Definitely not as much as I'd like anyway.. I keep considering joining an online poker site but I always kind of imagine that playing it online kind of negates most of the experience.. I don't know, maybe one day I might try it.. As if I'm not already on the computer enough :/
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Find a local poker league. There has to be one somewhere. I play in a league, once a month. $55 is the buy in. $50 to the pot and $5 to the "final table". The ten with most points after Dec.'s game play in one last able. We typically have 25 to 50 players each month. It's my one vice that get's me out of the house.

I love playing poker: hold-em, omaha high, seven stud (my favorite but worst game).

if you like it do it:D we all only have so long and one life, so shouldnt we live it right and the way we want?(: