Some Times!

I really like it, sometimes I win, most of the time I lose!! But I still enjoy it. I guess others read me like a book! that's why I lose most of the times.

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34 Responses Feb 19, 2009

of course

Wow... awesome. Do that and send me some will ya...

Thanks, I can change them to real money with a spell

Na... you keep em. It all play money anyway..

I should have, I am sorry, should I give back the chips I won?

I see. You know... kids do that a lot. You have to watch them every minute... hehe

I think my daughter has been playing with my cape, and accidentally put these cards in it.

ya know... i have thought the deck felt a little thin up till now... hehe

I think maybe the cape should go too, in light of our findings so far. lol

OK, what about the cape? do I have to lose that too?

AHHHH! No wonder she has been kicking my butt.....

This is goinna take a while....<br />
<br />
I just found the King of hearts....

Blue... that's the second one... hehe<br />
<br />
LV, yes all of them. Blue and I will roll them up for you...

All of them? I am wearing 5 T shirts with long sleeves and a coat.

You roll up her left and I'll get her right.<br />
<br />
Wait!!! She had and Ace up her sleeve....

we have to wait for her to roll up her sleeves... lol

*puts on poker face*<br />
Okay DEAL!!!<br />
: )

Okay... now you have to roll up your sleeves before we continue to play... ;-)

Thank you for understanding, that was close

Hehe..... Sure... uh huh... yeah.... i bet that is it... ;p

My god what's that ace doing here? I had no idea it was here, someone is trying to set me up.

AHHHH! I see... The ole ace up the sleeve eh?

If I cheat!

I'm sure you would win your share of hands...

Good, then we both can have a good time, since I enjoy losing!!

I'll sit down and play some poker with ya. If you don't play well, that means I might have a chance to win... hehe<br />
<br />
I usually don't....

I know, since I am really bad, I play this one. I am learning to enjoy losing.

Straight poker is my favorite. There are so many types though...

Doesn't matter, I always lose!! but I usually play straight.

What type of poker do you like?

I am never serious in gambling, I only play with friends. and it is fun

its all for fun anyway. i never get too serious!

that's better than poker, you can hang out to your money and enjoy the game.

I was never very good at cards. But, I'm getting better at Wii Bowling and Golf!!