Flash back....

Ten years back.. i was doing my schooling.. one of my friend had one video game.. Those days it was a Video Game Crazy.. Well, this guy told me that he decided to sell his VG. Im very much interested and i got that.. It was a black jack and Poker..

Since i knew little about Poker and BJ... i simply click that.. and i would hear the music.. (Kuuun..Kuuun.... the  music i suppose :))

Even i knew nothing i used to play the game..  Luckily that was the only thing i wouldnt broken for a long time..  And i used to keep the battery safe over there.. :)


Things changed.. now im a movie buff..  after seeing im a great fan of Steve Mcqueen.. i just googled.. and gotta know that he was dead before i was born.. i felt sorry for that not able to see the Cool Blue Eyes Steve..

Well, then i decided to collect his movies. (atleast)..

I saw the movie.. Cincinatti Kid.. i just like to see the Steve and his acting.. the playing cards made me curious to know what the guys they are playing..  it was seven card stud game..

then i began to explore more movies... Sting, Shade, Rounders, Big hand for the little lady, Croupier, Owning Mahowny....

Thanks to the Internet.. I'm indebted to this technology.. i learned the game.. tips, strategies, terms... ... all......

Since im in india.. here most of our guys dont play poker.. i knocked the internet again..  I downloaded the game:)

Right now im playing my poker (Texas hold em) only with  my computer. But i havent played with anybody so far..

I do have a dream to come over and spend a day in a casino in lasvegas.. doesnt matter whether i gain or lose..



tsanandh tsanandh
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 24, 2009

yes the internet can teach you alot!