I Never Get To Though

I love to play this game, but whenever I bring it up people say that it's boring and don't want to. To me, they're boring. This game is so awesome! My great grandmother was actually really good at it. She won several scrabble tournaments, but she passed away recently. Now I'm the only one left in the family who plays. I didn't inherit her skills, but I'm not that bad either.
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Ahhh Yeahh!! Why is it boring?? It's so cool! trying to find words (and even making your own xD) I love scrabble!! :) I have so much fun with my best friend playing scrabble!!

Its a great game people just don't want to had to use their brains

Might not be in the dictionary but it sure made me laugh

Scrabble is awesome. I'm a mean wordsmithin' muthafucka. Even if those two exact words aren't in the dictionary.

Perhaps you did inherit her skills you just haven't developed them to the point she had.<br />
I really ejoy playing this too, and I agree that in this day and age it is difficult to find someone to sit down and play with.<br />
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Don't give up -- there are lots of Scrabble pla<x>yers out there looking for game.