" I Thought People Only Did That On TV "

I had two roommates first semester of my freshman year of college. The first I didn't have a problem with, but left because a friend was having roommate troubles and they needed another person to get a quad. The second... I just never got along too well with. There was no specific problem, other than that I tend to not speak up and just try to suffer in silence. So when my life was being made miserable by my roommate, I wasn't saying anything and would just be reading or on my computer with headphones on so I wouldn't have to hear my roommate.

I took to playing solitaire on the computer after a while, but then decided that I liked playing with real cards better. Gave me something to actually do with my hands, and I felt less like I was wasting my time. Plus I've always somewhat enjoyed shuffling cards, and it gave me the chance to do that. So, although I had my computer up because I was waiting for an e-mail from a professor about my class schedule, I was playing solitaire with actual cards next to it. My roommate decided that was a good time to start bothering me again, and asks what I'm doing. Then comes to the realization that I'm playing solitaire and have a computer up, before very nearly squealing and shouting "I thought people only did that on TV! You have a computer, and you're playing cards with cards?" Why yes I am, thank you. Now you may leave. Not that I actually said that, though I probably wish I had. Might have made things otherwise more interesting.

But, long story short, that's probably one of the less irritating things I'll remember about my second roommate. Complaints about me playing solitaire.

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1 Response Jan 20, 2010

Hahah nice story! And you should try playing solitaire with a group of people! It is a lot of fun. You play off of eachother's piles that go in the middle. Anyway try it sometime