$70 Million Jackpot

Yes. I play the lottery. Not all the time but some time. I did win some cash over a period of 15 months, in Australia.

I win the lottery every other week;)

I won about $9, $15, to $960 each time, so far.


I have a Favourite kiosk I go to in Victoria Market. My biggest win there I struck $960. I experienced three emotions.

(wishing I had won more)


When the vendor said..'you got a BiG win'. I cried out "not again"


Everyone looked at me as if i came from Venus.


People started to touch me for good luck.


The man next to me said he had not won anything for a long time.

I got the cash, gave the vendor $50. Thanked him. Gave the old man $50 too. I walked back to my home in Southbank, bought cakes and moscato wines for the concierge team, the news agent friend, the waitresses and chefs at my favourite restaurant and also gave the rest to my cleaning lady.

I telephoned my husband to tell him of the win. He said, please do not spend it at one go.


I was only able to show him the receipt of my winning ticket that evening. I felt happy and satisfied.

I had $20 left, so i played again the next week.

Last week, I received a cheque from Tattersalls for $15.80.

Another win;)

Last night I went online to play for the $70 million jackpot. I called my mother, mother-in-law, siblings and asked them for the various, birthdates, death dates and anniversaries of the family.

With this $70 million win, (crossing fingers) I will share PART of the money with my EP friends, EP team and my family. The rest, I'm going to buy an Island to store my furniture. Temperature controlled Island enclosure.


No more headaches;)

We have to be in it, to WIN it.


Jackpot results on 8th May 2012.


Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
3 Responses May 2, 2012

Update: when I was in Singapore, I received an email from TattsTech Production on my IPhone. I saw the first two lines. It said 'Dear D, Congratulations. Your Super 7's Oz Lotto ticket (Tatts Number 52xxxxxxxx) was a winner in draw 951 on 08/05/12.<br />
<br />
I jumped and cried 'Yeah' - 'Yes' 'Yes'. - I was happy until I read further ---<br />
<br />
"under normal circumstances, minor wins are credited to your Tatts Internet account overnight, (arrrghhhh I hate that word ' MINOR' ..lol) ...so you should find the amount of $28.60 in your Tatts Internet account by 8.00am tomorrow" ;(<br />
<br />
Sorry guys and dolls...we didn't win much;) no fear..we will try again;) -DF

Oh yeah, here is a cool thing...<br />
In my state, the lottery funds a college scholarship program. If you choose an in-state school and maintain a certain GPA, your college tuition is paid for. Our twin sons got their degrees without ever paying tuition. Thank you lottery pla<x>yers!

Really. Maybe they should have the same programme all over the world. It will help many in need of education.

No kidding! Unfortunately, only about 10% maintain the scholarship throughout college. They recently raised the GPA requirement and a bunch of whiners complained. Hey, if you want your tuition paid for, I think you should have to earn it.

I love this story, Duchess. You shared your big win with everyone. That says a lot about your heart. *Which I already knew was bigger than any million dollar lottery win*