Music To My Eyes!

I was never a chuch going guy. Even if I did attend Catholic school. But I use to love to go to this particular mass. They had a really sexy piano/organ player. I mean she was really pretty. She had the prettiest red hair I have ever seen still. Well, What Iloved about her was that she always played in her stockinged feet. She always took her shoes off and pressed those pedals so softly and with great skill. It use to really turn me on! I would imagine that those long pedals were my hard manhood. Well back then boyhood. I would just stare at them  but trying to hide my *****. She had really pretty feet. Her toes were always prety and wel kept. Always painted red, or a dark color. I'm getting hard just thinking how much how would still love to be under that intrument, and have me be her pedals. Thinking on how nice it would feel for her to press on me sofly with those pretty pedal pumpers. Then in betwen song she could have used my face for a foot rest. I would be glad to sing as loud as she wat if her feet are in control of me. 

footboy16334 footboy16334
31-35, M
Nov 24, 2009