Its Fun

well im one of those people who always accept dares anywhere no matter how embarrassing and **** like that so i was at school and my friend got out of the pool during pe and he was walking down the hall and said to me it feels like im not wearing underwear and i said well so. i also dont wear underwear but he doesnt know that and he asked me how much money he would have to pay me to go without underwear for a day i just said 150 bucks because i always told him that its so uncomfortable and i could never go a day without underwear so i took the dare and got 150 bucks because hes kind of a richie rich his dad is buying him a corvette for his first car
another think about dares is i was dared at a party to insert my penis into my best friends girl friends vagina and i did it right in front of him and then after a while i jizzed in her and he broke up with her and punched my in the face i was also dared to let another man insert his penis into my *** and he did and somebody also dared me to steal from the walmart cash register when no body was looking and i couldnt get he damn thing open when i got caught
the point is i love a good dare
ilovelife2 ilovelife2
13-15, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

love to do some dares wit u