The Party

One day me and some friends were at a party and someone decided we should play truth or dare. The game was going fine until it came to me. The other girls decided that I could only take dares. There was going to be no truth for me, just the truth that I was most likely going to be naked or I was going to have leave the party.

I looked around the circle of my friends, both girls and guys. I felt my nipples tighten and I knew my ***** would be wet. I blushed red again and sat, quietly waiting for my first dare.

My stomach clenched as I looked around the circle of faces, all of them grinning at me. I closed my eyes, shivering, and then opened them again. The grins were even bigger.

One of my friends looked at me.

"Go in the next room, take off your top and pants and drop them in the doorway. Then take off your underwear and toss them in here. Then you can put your top and pants back on, in that order."

I looked at her, begging with my eyes, but there was no mercy there for me. None appeared on anyone else's faces either. I shivered again, but I wasn't going to let them get to me any more than they had already. I stood on shaking legs and walked into the next room. I hurriedly pulled off my shoes and then my pants and top. I dropped them in the doorway. Then I unclasped my bra and slipped it off, tossing it back into the room my friends were in. I yanked my panties down and off and tossed them into the room. Then I bent and grabbed my top, pulling it on. For a few moments I stood, naked from the waist down, almost hoping someone would come through the doorway to see my ***** hair and bare ***. They were giggling. I bent for my pants and pulled them on, almost disappointed that no one came to peek at me. Blushing hard I came back in, seeing my undies being passed around by the guys. I gasped in shock, although I should have known that would happen. I slowly walked back to my spot and sat, blushing. Everyone knew that I didn't have underwear on.

My nipples were erect and poking out into my top. They were really visible. And all the guys were really looking at them. The next few times my turn came they were easy dares like kissing a guy for one minute or french kissing one. I blushed with each one though, because they could feel my almost naked boobs when I pressed against them to kiss them. They kept trying to feel my boobs when they were kissing me. I knew this couldn't continue because my girlfriends were nasty to me. And they knew that I was easy to browbeat. Each time my turn came I got extremely nervous and I blushed before anything was said. Finally it came.

"Well Brittny, how bad do you want to keep playing?"

I looked around and said nothing.

"Well if you want to keep playing, take off your top."

I looked around the circle of grinning faces and I knew that I wanted to take the dare, but I wasn't sure I had the guts to do it. I hesitated, looking at them one at a time.

"I told you she wouldn't."

As I heard that my hands went to the bottom of my top and lifted it up, over my head and off. I clutched it to my chest, covering up, and looked once more at the faces looking back at me. I then dropped my top in my lap and sat bare breasted in front of three girls and four guys.

"Holy ****!"

That was from one of the guys. The girls just grinned because they knew the stakes just went up. They knew that they could get me to do almost anything. I couldn't tell you why I did what I did. I knew that it did something for me, to me. I knew there was no heading back now.

I sat and waited for my next turn to come with a nervous stomach. When it finally came around I began to blush before anything was even said to me. Everyone's face was full of excitement, waiting to see what would be dared and if I would go further.

"Take off your shoes and socks, then come with me."

I slowly untied my shoes and removed them and my socks. I stood, my hands going up to cover my boobs, but I didn't let myself cover up. My nipples were tingling and almost hurt. I followed her into the next room. She turned and stopped me. I was inside and out of sight of all the others. Her hand went to my waistband and undid the button.

"Who wants to come in and give Brittny a kiss?"

There was a chorus of me from all the guys. I groaned as she slid my zipper down. My pants were hanging on my hips and I thought she was done. I was mistaken. She said quietly.

"Take them off."

I just looked at her helplessly.

"Going to chicken out?"

I blushed hard again, took a deep breath, and pushed my pants down. I pulled one leg and then the other off. She held out her hand and trembling I held them out to her. She took my pants from me and walked into the other room, leaving me naked. I continued to tremble as I listened to them try to decide who was going to get to come and kiss me. My hands kept moving to cover myself, but each time I realized they were, I forced myself to move them to my sides. The room I was in did not have a light, but there was light from the other room coming in. I stood, quietly cursing my friends, waiting. Finally a guy came through the door and up to me, looking me up and down, grinning at me. His fingers brushed over my erect nipples and then his arms went around me. I moved tight to him and lifted my face for my kiss, feeling his hands all over my bare ***. Blushing, I kissed him, letting him french me and feel my *** as much as he wanted. He left after they called; telling him his time was up. As he walked out, another one of the guys came in, grinning. My stomach dropped as I realized each one of the guys was going to get to kiss me while I was naked.

This one took hold of my shoulders and held me back from him, looking at all of me. I was blushing so hard my face had to be lighting up the whole room. Finally he took me in his arms and kissed me. I knew he could feel my erect nipples poking into his chest. He stroked my back down to my butt, then squeezed it and pulled my cheeks apart. Then he smacked it gently as he moved away.

I closed my eyes, hoping, but knowing what was going to happen. As I opened them, I saw the next guy passing the one leaving. He came to me and his hand went between my legs, squeezing my *****. His other hand pulled me to him and as he cupped and fondled me, he kissed me hard. When we broke apart, I was panting and shaking. At least he didn't stick a finger in me, but he knew I was wet. Grinning at me as we moved apart, he turned and left me, shivering as I waited for the last guy.

He came in and stood back from me, looking me up and down.

"I get to choose where I kiss you, right?"

I didn't know what to say and finally just nodded.

He moved up to me, bent over and kissed my left nipple, then sucked it into his mouth. I felt so nasty as I stood, letting him suck on my nipple, wetting it with his saliva. He lifted his head and looked into my eyes and then bent again, sucking my right nipple into his mouth. I felt a bolt of heat shoot from my nipple straight down to my *****. All I could do was stand and let him do it to me. My nipples got even harder and they were wet and shining as he lifted his head once again, smiled at me and left me standing buck naked and alone. I waited for my girlfriend to return with my pants until I heard her speaking to me.

"Come get your pants, Brittny."

I gasped, both in humiliation and excitement, as I realized they were expecting me to walk into a brightly-lit room, naked. I stood, shivering; nipples hard as diamonds and I couldn't help myself from reaching down to touch my *****. I felt moisture on my ***** lips; enough to know it would be visible to my friends.

I took a deep breath, knowing if I didn't walk in by myself, I would be dragged in. I walked into the room, naked, blushing and hot all over. I kept my hands at my sides and walked to where my pants were. They giggled as they saw my wet nipples where he had sucked them. I picked up my pants and turned to face everyone. I let them look at my boobs, my erect nipples, and my bush and then I put my pants back on. I couldn't wait until my next turn. By then it was pretty late.

When it came they all huddled together, whispering. I squirmed and shivered, wondering what humiliation they were going to put me through now. They separated and grinned at me once again.

"Put your shoes on and come with us."

I slipped on my shoes and rose, following them until I realized they were at the front door.

"N-n-no, n-n-no."

I began to blubber and they laughed at me.

"You aren't going to turn down a dare are you Brittny?"

I was shaking my head no as they took my arms and led me outside topless. But that wasn't going to be all. They walked me to the sidewalk as I looked up and down the street, terror stricken. I was sure that a car was going to come down the street or someone was going to be out walking. I wasn't even thinking that it was almost 2AM. It was almost guaranteed that no one but us would be outside at this time of night, but I didn't feel any better. I felt a hand at my waistband again.

"Oh god, no, no."

I felt my pants loosen and then the sound of my zipper going down.

"Brittny you are going to take a walk around the block. You can either take them off or walk with them on, but if they fall down, you'll leave them there around your legs or ankles and walk like that. Understand?"

I stood, whimpering and afraid, but my mind was already picturing my pants around my ankles and not being able to pull them back up. I shivered and looked at all of them and struggled to get my pants off over my shoes. Finally, I had them off and stood naked but for shoes. They pointed me in one direction, telling me to walk around the block. Not run, walk.

I sucked in a breath and started walking. My head was swiveling around, trying to look at all the houses and the street in front of me and behind me. I heard giggling behind me and glanced back. They were following me, making sure that I only walked. It seemed to take forever for me to walk around that block. Every sound made me jump and seemed magnified. Every streetlight was a place where I was totally exposed. I was scared to death, but excited too. My nipples felt even harder

and I was afraid I was going to leak from my *****.

When I got back to the house, I almost slumped over in relief, but managed to stand up as I waited for them to catch up with me. My girlfriends told the guys they had to leave now and they took me into the house, still naked but for my shoes. My pants had been on the car, but I didn't even think to put them on. My friends made me take off my shoes and sleep naked that night.
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I wish I had been there!

What great friends you must have! I mean, if you are that stupid and gullible, then I guess it's really your fault!

Some friends

Great story so hot and hard right now

WOW, what an erotic story..but truthful. You did great !

That was a brilliantly told story. Thank you.

Oh nice ...... where are you from im from North Augusta South Carolina and im a country boy ..... can you add me

I wanA play truth or dare with you you got of lightly

Very cool story. Would love to play truth or dare with you sometime.

You have a lot of guts

Props to you for being so brave!

I would have never been able to do this...

It was easier than u think...

your a fearless girl. cute

But why get you take clothes off

It's liberating, Its what I fantasize about.

Yeah nut Naked in public at 14 years old

Was there boys there

Did you really want to read a story where I did these dares:

1. Act like a pig for 10 seconds. Don't forget to get on all fours!
2. Eat a spoon of mustard.
3. Sing "Row Row Row your boat!" two times
4. Start to dance for 1 minute.
5. Wear your shirt inside out until your next turn.
6. Suck on a piece of ice until it melts.
7. Eat a spoon of mayo.
8. Sing your favorite song 3 times.
9. Make up a song right now, then sing it. Be sure that it is original!
10. Have the group cover you, while you are lying down, with paper.

So 14 i feel sorry for you

Ive been to a few partys like that.

What?! You're 14 and you let this happen to you?! You can't do that . . please have a better grip of yourself girl. You need to have more pride for yourself and body. Don't let something disgusting like that happen to you again. If your friends actually asked you to do that . . then I don't think they're anymore than fake friends. You should cherish yourself and save it for someone who actually loves you. Don't ***** yourself out because of a game! It's a game for goodness sake! You could have backed down instead . . because at that point - it's about YOU not them and what they want! And to all the DIRTY and NASTY comments down there - GTFO disgusting perverts! Save your bullsh*it for a prostitute's club or wherever the **** people do those things nowadays.

Dang why did you actually let that happen? Do you live with your parents or friends? And y did they drive u naked in front of 4 teen boys. OMG!


**** YOU

wow, you ever want to play truth or dare then message me.

be quiet little black folk............ al u guys know is to destroy a girls pussey