Truth Or Dare With The Girls

Me and a bunch of my friends (all girls). So we were all spending the night at courtney's house. That night we did eachothers makeup, watched movies and had a pillow fight. So last we played truth or dare. It was all good and one of the girls dared me to take off my shirt. So i took off my shirt abd i was wearing my pink bra. And i was wearing my pink bra, booty shorts and socks and i was wearing a pink thong too. So i dared another girl to put all her hair staight up in a ponytale. But then i said put haur spray so it would stay so melissa had her hair straight up the whole time. So another girl dared me to go hug courtneys little brother just wearing bra and booty shorts. So i walked to his room and gave him a hug and left. But when i did he was smiling cuz i think he thinks im pretty. So i came back to dare jasmine. I dared her to take off her pants and go into courtneys drawer and put on all her thongs. So courtney agreed to let her and so jasmine was there with no pants and like 13 thongs on and her shirt. So we had alot of weird dares. So another dare was for mr to go to courtneys mom and ask if i could wear her clothes for tonight and tomorow cuz i forgot clothes(lie) and i put my shirt back on. So she said yes too the clothes and she gave me for tonight to wear a night gown and for tomorow she gave me a long frilly skirt, a little big shirt on me that had flowers on it and she told me to wear courtneys underwear and wear the same bra. So i took off my clothes in front of courtneys mom and put on the nightgown. So i went walking back to courtneys room and they laughed when they saw me. So i told courtney to toss me a thong but jasmine was wearing them all so she tossed me some blue panties. So we all looked weird with all the dares. So when i dared angela i dared her to sleep in courtneys parents room and tell then shes closterphobic and suprisingly her mom said yes so we didnt see angela till the next day. So after that we all went too bed and only courtney slept on the bed and everybody else slept on the ground. When i woke up i got up to change and i was the first one awake. So i took off my thong and put it in my backpack and i put the nightgown next to my sleeping bag. So i put on the pants, the skirt gave me alot of room lol, the shirt was big on me that you could see part of my bra. So everybody else woke up then we watched tv and courtneys mom saw me and said i looked realky pretty in her clothes but said the shirt was too big so she went to her room and got me a tanktop that was smaller. So she said now its better. She said i could keep the clothes now on. So i gave back the nightgown and left later that day.
(If anyone wants to player troth or dare with me comment your kik name)
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Kieros93 will do anything and may even send pic proof



Girls kik?

My kik is wow112000

My kik is xylacangod

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I'd like it so much!

ILL Play Truth or dare

Mat Sheppard


i love to play t or d but never have played it with anyone who likes it. I would like to ask you since you like it truth or dare

Is snap chat good


I'm amitlevi44! I play it all the time! :) I'd love to play with you!

kik: nickpound



Austinsart141 Is my kik

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holyshit12 is my kik name

I'd loved to have been there

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How old are you and ok

Steinfly kik t or d?