I play this a lot in college, really heats up a party real quick if you have alcohol and boys :) had some fun times that way. Truth or dare ? ;)
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Truth or dare?

dare ;)

What is the craziest/naughtiest dare you ever did?

Haha it's not a big deal but my friends dared me to flash this guy at a party, I went over, dropped my lipstick and bent down in a way that he could see completely under my top.. I got points for creativity that night

Sounds like a win-win to me. 😉


cool...I love this game too...

Dare? :p

Dare too

truth is really the safe option only dare counts...

That's right.. But you can also ask naughty questions

and ppl will lie ud never know on the dare side u really have to go for it or shut it