Lets Do It!

 Truth or Dare?


MrFenix MrFenix
22-25, M
4 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Walk around in mankini (like borat wears) all day in public, at some point you must **** yourself

i forgot the second part wich is wet your pants or poop them and walk around asking people to change you <br />
<br />
enjoy and let me know the outcomes

look at your other story here and do that dare i posted or this new one<br />
<br />
if youll do it you must go to a puclic park and either ***** behind something then run around throwing your clothes around as you go then hide for 5-10 minutes<br />
<br />
after hiding run out to retreive whatever clothes are still there<br />
good luck :D

Yeah!<br />
I'm up for how brave are you