my worst dare was to put a coughdrop into my *****... dont try that at home kids...
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I'm guessing that burned....really badly...

Now that would have to cause someone to ask the results. But, did you ever hear of "ben wa" balls that women use to insert in themselves and keep them in for a long time. The movement of the balls as you walk or move is to be sensual and stimulating.

Yah thats wicked.... in for t or d now?

try a little bottle of babycham and shake your hips,thar she blows,hehe ;-)

how long did you have to keep it ?

only 2-3minutes.. its unbearable after that

A sophomore but tiger balm on his nut sack last year at football camp

You are such a GOOD person for warning the little ones. :)

how bout in your *******??

i will keep that in mind as a dare for the boys =P

in front of people?

no on the toilet.. one other girl as witness