Try me, I'll do anything ;)
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I dare you to suck your toes and send me a pic

and also dare you to add me

i dare you to do your dad our brother? LOL

I dare you to fist yourself

dare you to add me so we can play this game in pm... :p

I dare you to send a nude in pm of any part of your body >;D

Truth or dare?

I doubt you will

Wanna bet?

wear short skirt without pantys and flash your sweet *****

I dare you to send me a nude pic of you

Okay, Truth or Dare?


did u already sent some sexy pics on here ?

Hey, this is my turf. :P

Lessee... What was the strangest thing that happened to you this year?

My best friends dad walk in on me getting undressed, that was amazing

Why was that amazing? :P It's kinda funny though in a way.

My turn, I say Truth. :P

Best thing that has happened to you this year?

Hmm... I'd say getting my scootmobile and going back to my archery club.

I did archery too

You did? For how long? :P

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I dare you to kiss the foot of your best friend of either gender

your so fake I dare you to call me but you wont 9258122429 or text I am in California East Bay Martinez

Yeah I won't, cos I live in Australia...

Cool me too

Ok i dare you to send me a pic of you

I dare you to send me a naked picture

You, madam, I think will have a very short life, I'm afraid. >_>

Live fast, die young, enjoy what you've done

Ehh. You think differently after awhile, even if it does have a certain logic and romanticism.

How about you Truth or Dare me.

Come on lets see

How does that works...?? I'm french.. sorry I'm not use to that ?

anything hmmmmm ;)

I dare you to hang out with me sometime.

I dare you to post your passwords in the comments.

I dare you to go outside and squat and pee. Add me sweetie.

I dare you to keep a vibe in on high all night, don't remove or turn off till morning. Then tell me about your night. Muaah

Haha funny

This sounds like a Lady I could work with!

Ok hear comes the pleasure

I dare you to pee in your pants and send me proof.

I dare you to put naked pics of you on your profile and add me so I can see them

I dare you to eat mango off a sun warmed stomach. Then tell me about it.

Ooh that's a good one ;)

I have just the stomach too :)

Oooh dish!

Your turn truth or dare for me?

Sun warmed stomach?

Hmm mine?

Ok you can both eat mango off my sun warmed stomach - as a starter ;)

We've got to take a trip to Baja Sur for certain!

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Truth - if you could lick Hagan Daas of a movie stars breasts, who would she be? ;) (Penelope Cruz for me) lol

Jennifer Aniston!!

I dare you to kiss a girl on the lips lol

Kiss, or make out

Kiss me now

hey please add me, i want to play with you , but i am not able to add you

I dare you to wear a tight white legging with no pantie and top with no bra. And ********** you on the legging untill *** the mostly as you can. Have fun

can i play this with you?


I dare you to send me a nude pic ;) x

Ok, will I get one in return

Of course x

That's simply great......... lets explore limitless kinks...........

Go ahead

I dare you to sleep on a towel for a whole week with just a shirt on and nothing else

Sounds good to me

You have to show me the towel

I dare you to wear a black legging with pantie and put 3 raw eggs in back between pantie and legging and 2 front. Keep it 4 hours. Said me in private how its happen you can give me one in return lol

Lol its weird and funny dare lol

Interesting, alright... I'll do it

Thanks you tell me how it happen and give me one in return please

Come on...... Am waiting in ib.

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