I'll play truth or dare ask in the comments and I'll do what I can
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Truth or dare?

I dare you to add me

Truth or dare

Why do all dares go straight to naked? How about go to the market and buy only 1-cucumber, a box of condoms, and KY jelly

I dare you to get your girlfriend to take you to a public toilet club. Shopping centre, park ***** you off put a lead on you have you do whatever anyone who enters wants you to do and take pics of you doing it then walk you from there to home on lead still naked.

Go to town pantyless and make selfie on any shop window. On photo You have to be seen that do not wear panties and has to be seen at least one man/women. Sent photo to me - can be without face but with some prove that it's Your dare.

What's the most dating thing you ever done on a dare?

Truth or dare which is your choice.

truth or dare

truth or dare?

I dare u to send me a pic of u in your undies

No I won't do pics to random people

I dare you to reserve a movie online at RedBox, then drive to go get it, completely nude. When you get there you have to get out of the car nude and go up to the machine with your credit card and pick it up.
1000 bonus points if the RedBox is INSIDE of a store!

I dare you to send me a pic of you in your underwear

I dare you to put your hair in a ponytail and cut it off ;)

I wonder if she'll actually do it though. Most likely not

No I won't do that

I dare you to send me a naked selfie

No limits right?

send me a naughty pic

There is no limits either