I hate when people message me wanting to play and they don't even do their dare like WTF! and then they leave for a couple of days and come back and they ask me again to play and it just ****** me off.
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I would like to play the game with you. Message me anytime and lets get started if you like.

would you like me to sw my panties

would you like to see my panties

yeah why not

i want !

would you like to se my cute panties yo can dare me

co ordination on a message board across time zones is difficult. maybe coordinating schedules is a better way to start. my internet time is very haphazard. how do you confirm a dare across the web? photos , skype or experience postings?

How do you confirm your truth or dare over the net?
You like playing board games. I like playing ... most games as long as the rules make sense and the other gamer's aren't to serious.. ;-)

I will play right :)

But you have to message me first.

Well, if you want to play I'd like to play with you :)

im game if you are

Get em

lol that's missed your up

What kind of dares and how do you prove them?

Ok well that could get very interesting depending on the dare lol

What's the worse you've done?


That is if you don't mind me asking

Lol yeah I've had to do that one also That must be a pretty common dare for everybody

One of the worst things I had to do was ride in the back of a pick up truck wearing only my underwear

I wasn't naked thank goodness but underwear was pretty horrible but it's funny now thinking back on it

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