And always pick DARE. HAHAHAHA.. (^O^)
ThisDame ThisDame
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what is the worst dare you ever been given....that you did? and the worst one that you wouldnt do?

i always pick dare also xD

woldyou like to see my cute panties

i want a dare ! ;-)

When was the last time you played ?

I pick dare

Good choice, man! You rock!! HAHAHA

Don't you have to give him a dare now?

I guess she doesn't know how this works

Hahahahaa, haven't done that in years

Well, you should try it! hahahha..

I'm ready whenever you are! What's the craziest thing you've ever did?

Hmm. Danced Twerk It Like Miley in front of my older girl friends because of that freakin' dare. Hahaha.. But its fun.

I tried twerking before 2 that was very comical lol

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