Next week I have my friend on his own
I want to make him smell dirty clothes as he hates it and he deserves it
I will list below what there is and I want you to answer what part of what clothes you want him to smell
His pants
His sisters knickers
His mums knickers
His sisters socks
His mums socks
His sisters shirt
All of the above smells he hates so and you can have as many as you like
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His sisters underwear after she is worn them a while

1. Have him bury his nose in butt of his pants. 2. Smell all over his sis panties. 3. Have smell the gusset of his moms panties. 4. The toes his sister socks. 5. The bottoms his moms socks. 6. The arm pits his sisters shirt.

This answer should lead by example! Thanks

Another message has just come through for both his sisters knickers and his mums knickers

@KillerFrames please will you give us your vote as it will really help us out and make him get all the justice he deserves? Thanks

Ok but don't say I didnt warn you!
Make him wear a skirt knickers and a bra, nothing else
Make him smell the middle of his sisters knickers and hold them there. Stuff his or his sisters socks in his mouth inside out making sure all the bits go on his tounge. Tape his mouth shut so he can't spit them out. Now make him smell all the knickers you have there and have done with it!

Nice idea thanks

Just make sure you do it!

Oh I will don't worry about that!

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all of them >:D

Haha ok thanks what part of them all?

make him smell EVERYTHING

Haha ok I will

What the hell even is this? I don't understand? Leave me out of it please as I don't take too kindly to insults and some of you need to learn how to spell !

You need to calm down

It's just wrong thin

Ok that's your opinion

Hahahahaa - his pants.


What you lot gonna do if I run away?

I'll tie you down your face is going firmly into some knickers tomorrow

You are thick I have to go out in the morning and I will just not come back

I know where your going to I'll come meet you. Your not getting out of this

No one will help u

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NCFCFoote you are screwed!

I'll run away!

Good luck


Ok cool thanks what part of each?

mums knickers

Thank you what part

all XD

Haha alright thanks will do

mums knickers

Hah ok thanks what part?

the crotch

Ok sweet thanjs

no problem

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Vote for sisters soxks


And shirt

Just had another message for his pants

Another private vote just came in for mums knickers

sister's shirt

Thanks if there is one there I will but what should be a backup if there isn't one?

make him smell a poopy nappie

Has to be from the above list

I know I was just being funny and gross

Haha which ones from above you want him to do v

sister knickers.

Yeah haha which oartc


both part

Where abouts on her knickers

in the middle.

Cool will do and should he be allowed to see?

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Sisters knickers

Thank you what part?

The front

Another vote just came in privately for him to smell his sisters knickers

Just to let everyone know there was also another vote for his mums knickers made privately earlier today!

You can use my dirty panties too. Haha

Don't suppose your in the uk tho?

Have him smell your panties. The back near your *** after you have worn them all day.

Haha yes I will

Make sure you fart in them too. Lol

You actually expect me to do any of these?

Your not gonna have a choice!

If this post gets 10 replies I will take a picture of him bound up completly useless with something over his nose

all of the above!!

What part of each thing?

the dirtiest part of each!! ;)

Haha ok


Should he be allowed to see what he's smelling?

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