I love this game and I'll do anything ur horny heart wants message me up!
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12 Responses Mar 27, 2016

Msg me and I will play.... Gladly :-)

I love to play with you ****.

I dare you to ......................... Oh hell you know what I dare you to do!!!


ok I dare u to get me a pepperoni pizza. yes I am horny but I am more hungry yummy. (^.^)... :)

Let's play

I dare you to stop posting! ✋🏼

ok I dare you to pm me

Dare you to pm me a nude pic

So anything is on the table?

Hello. I am leading a project with a group of my friends, which is to convert a school bus into an RV. We have been planning, designing and finalizing the project for roughly 5 months, but now I need help to fund the project . (By the way there are rewards for donating to the project) So please check out the link below:


Tried to message you. Your settings wouldn't allow my message.