I've never played it because I always thought it was lame but I've seen how it's played. One game wouldn't hurt I guess.
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I choose truth

Okay I just played with like two others and they just suddenly went offline, I think I'm a horrible player but here goes nothing.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've done?

It's fun

The only times I have played is when I was drunk. It was fun I guess.

'Was fun' what happened?

A lot happened, a bunch of drunk teenagers sitting on a field playing truth or dare... all the things that could happen in a situation like that.

OOOOHHHH ahaha I get it.

Glad you caught on. ☺️

I know, I was this close to asking you to explain then I was like oh wait duh, teenagers, drunk, yeah. Something's bound to happen, especially with a game like Truth or Dare. So how did you take the Truths in the game?

There were a lot of really good confessions. About who's been with who. It was actually quite shocking how much you can find out about someone in a game.

Alcohol, Friends, and a Good Game. It seems like it was a set up to get everyone to confess. I always avoided these drinking games because I have no idea what secrets or stuff I might say.

Yeah I regret a few of the things I have said, haha it's best not to play. But it is really fun when your drunk and in the moment.

I'm guessing the alcohol took control and ya'll just got into the zone and became like Nike and Just Do It. Okay maybe I'll play it when I'm sober and everyone else isn't, basically I'm cheating but at least it'll get me to watch what I'll say.

Yeah but sometimes your lucky because half of the people you told are too intoxicated to remember the next day... So that is a good way to go, drink just don't get drunk.

Unfortunately I don't drink but hey sneaking passed drunk people and saying you're drinking alcohol might actually work. Drunk people are so much fun....until they start behaving like buffoons. Like chill.

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I am up for a game if you are

Well be prepared, because I suck at playing. aha but why not, you've been warned.


aha alright, this would probably be a lame question. Have you ever egged a police car?

unfortunately no

Aha I guess it's your turn.

truth or dare

Truth. Hit me with what you got. ahah

have you ever been in the back of a police car

Ahaha I've never been arrested but I have sat in the back of a police car, I've also sat in the front, touched their walkies, and ate a donut. So sort of.
Truth or Dare? Although I mainly see Truth in this game, how do you play a dare on this site? Just asking.

probably in message

Truth or Dare?


Have you ever farted in a public transportation with a lot of people surrounding you?


Explain?? What happened?

I was on the bus and I farted and I just stood there trying to act like nothing happened

ahaha okay your turn.

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