Monsta Hunta Tri !!

It's finally arrived ! I ordered the big special box with a wii speak, a black pro controller and a Lagiacrus ( sounds like Lugia, yea pokemon ! ) head decoration ! It's ultrasome ( credit to LazyFox for the word ! : ) ) ^funny, it looks like a smiley with 2 mouths^ ! There's  many new monsters, new weapons, new armors, new items, you can go in water and play multiplayer offline !!! And talk online too ! Now I must go because my waffles are ready hunter is drowning !! *runs to tv and trps* Ow..

Inoue Inoue
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Inoue cant wait ! It will be ultrawesome

I`ll do a story about it!

I found a ''Selvaria Nickname'' for some monsters! <br />
Lugiacrus = The inFAMOUS Dragon<br />
Ludroth = Bob<br />
Alatreon = Eevee last evolution when Pokemon's creator will have created an evolution for every element and combinations (probably the 17th generation)<br />
Barioth = Albino Sabertooth

Waking up in a fridge is funny ! Eating all your food is not funny...

The fact that I woke up in my fridge? It's not funny at all, I ate all my food while sleeping,!

Oh no ! Even though it"s so funny !

I have good and bad news. My savings grew to 120, but lowered to 40 because I woke up in my fridge again.

Put a list of...weird (or maybe Inoue version, i dunno) names somewhere.

The werekitty !! With deviljho you can become a ninja ! But now I have Alatreon ( treon sounds like TRON ) Yay ! New movie !

It's not to Monster Hunter Tri (Freedom Unite exclusive), but I'd say the Narugakuruga.<br />
But IN MH3 I dunno. Maybe the Lagiacrus or the Deviljho.

Sparky ! It's so cool !

Okay you're right Inoue.<br />
What's the favorite monster to both of you?

Hey ! It's a good idea ! Selvaria said it worked ! Her drool spreading tip was awesome so this one must be too ! If LazyFox doesn't stop being a meanie I'll join his capture quests and slay the monsters !

Is this a joke? Hahahaha

Lucky you !

I thinked of something to get a Wii! I'll bought lots of lottery tickets! I'll be stinkin' rich!<br />
The first one worked! I only got 4 dollars (6 minus 2 for the cost of the ticket) but it still worked!

@LazyFox : Meanie ! Selvaria is sad ! <br />
<br />
@Selvaria : Please don't cry...*hug*

(MGS: Portable Ops reference)

Stop your whining! The bullet went straight through!

Wouah ah ah hainnn!

No ! I made you sad again...please forgive me...

:( X10000000000000000000000000000

Wouah ah ah hainnn (actually It's suppose to be me crying)!<br />
Monsta Hunta Tri... I want a Wii !