My Experiences With Monkey Quest

It is a cool game. It's an MMO in which the avatar is a monkey. The avatar's clothes and gear can be customized, but its hair, fur, face, and name are set once you pick them. The players fight monsters, explore, solve puzzles, and collect objects (sometimes it is necessary to team up with other players to do these things). Monkeys are guided by a chameleon (whose hunger and sticky tongue sometimes get him into trouble). NPCs give players quests to complete. They usually involve talking to someone, collecting objects, beating a monster or group of monsters, or maneuvering ones way to certain destinations. The monkeys can talk, emote, use weapons, jump, climb, swing, slide, craft things, and heal themselves. Monkeys become more powerful by, bet you can't guess, collecting experience points. It takes more experience to level up each time. Health, attack strength, and toughness are increased when a monkey levels up. Articles of clothing, elixirs, and potions can do this as well. These things can be bought, sold, traded, found, gifted, or crafted. The space in a monkey's backpack seems unlimited. Although one can play for free, some aspects of the game are only accessible to members (being one costs money). There was a halloween-themed area last month that had limited-edition items (ex: skeleton pants and pumpkin head).

The players, however, leave something to be desired. When a player is asked to join a group, it makes sense that said player would help the group with a task or two. Past a certain point, however, I would ask the other monkey what they wanted to do. Other monkeys do not do this. I help them with a couple of quests, then they leave. Or the game or connection glitches out >:(. When I start a group, the other monkeys either follow their quests instead, leave me, or sit around. One guy led me all over the game without seeming to know where he was going. If he was on a quest, he likely would have followed his compass (these guide players on their quests). If he was exploring, I doubt he would have visited the same places 2 or 3 times. I got so confused and annoyed I removed him from the group. He followed me somewhere, but them he glitched out (he slowly ran across the sky o.O). Only one or two monkeys helped me. I don't want to only receive help; but I don't want to only help either. I'm sick of being a good samaritan! I'm not a freaking helper!

It is possible to reach the other areas of the game without becoming a member. However, it requires keys; which cost money. If one does not do this, their monkey(s) (each player can have up to three) will level up much more slowly, and not all missions can be completed. Areas with tougher enemies, especially arenas, yield rarer and stronger items (it frequently takes more than one monkey to reach them). Unfortunately, the strongest items are usually only given to one monkey. If a monkey is in a group when it finds such items, the odds of attaining said items are usually 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4; depending on group size (there can be up to four monkeys in a group). There are updates to the game every now and then. These include level alterations, changes in game format, added missions, new NPCs, and added voiceovers. The game has several glitches, some of which can make playing temporarily impossible. There are temporary levels associated with certain holidays. There have been a Halloween level and a Christmas level so far. There is also a power ranger level. However, I doubt said level is related to a holiday. Monkeys who have keys can now join tribes. Monkeys who are members can now have pets. They seem to function as a group member; although they are not autonomous and they do not take up a place in the group (this means that a group can have up to eight members counting pets). Friend who have memberships tell me that they periodically receive bananas, special items and Nick Cash (NC). Some items can only be purchased with NC. Before you start, remember that not all aspects of the game are free.

Some monkeys are helpful and kind. Others are rude and selfish. I have made friends with some monkeys in the game. Some monkeys become lovers. Although this is a kid's game, some players use profanity. Some monkeys are nasty for no apparent reason. Some befriend other monkeys merely to ask them to buy them things. They are especially likely to do this to members and/or monkeys at high levels. High level monkeys are more popular. Monkeys at or near level sixty (the highest level) have parties. Some monkeys are made fun of because they are at low levels. Some monkeys ask others if they need help with multiplayer quests; especially ones who no longer have quests.

If any of you played this game, tell me what you think.
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1 Response Oct 17, 2011

totally agree with the friends part >:( <br />
And I don't know why but there are NEVER any monkeys around my area<br />
Even if there are, and I added them into the group, they just disappear mysteriously<br />
So frustrating <br />
i am now stuck at the toolbox quest and cannot move on<br />

The one given by the Twins?