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Feet Lick And Sucking While A Teen

There was this guy in my class when I was 13, he was 12, and he would always have his shoes off, I always got to massage his feet very well, and once, he laid his back on the floor, his feet up  in the chair y was sittinf, so that they touched my crothc and my nipples at the same time, it was so exiting! that same time I took of his sock. He had the best feet I had seen in my life, slim, white and soft. i took a disimulated smiff and sucked on his big toes at the same time, as if I was just fooling with him. I loved it! then, a couple of weeks after that, I got him sleep over my house. While we werre playing videogames, I touched and massage his feet, his toes wriggling inside my hands. he liked me touching them, hehe. Then, when we went to sleep, we lied head to toe, his sexy feet next to my face. when he was sound asleep, I started rubbing his socked feet, massaging and slightly tickling them. Thn, I slowly pulled off his socks, and I started licking them, from his hills to his toes, slowly, sliding my tongue in between his toes, one by one, first one feet and then the other. I sucked the outlines of this feet, concetrating in his hills and his arches, I closed my mouth when I got to hte toes, and instead kissed them slightly. then, I started to suck on each of his toes, starting with his pinky and finishing in his thumb, and the I sucked on all of them at the same time. I licked the back of each of the toes, and then I couldn't resist it any more, so I took of my boxerrs and slid my alreadi hard **** into his feet, rubbing it with his soles, with the toes, and putting his feet togeather and sliding in betwwen them. I then swtched to licking and kissing again, ma********** with my righthand until I came. then, I finished licking his feet and sealed with a kiss in noth his big toes, as I felt his smooth lips kissing my own soles.  More things happened, but that's another story
melilei melilei 41-45 8 Responses Mar 12, 2012

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Great story ! :)


MMMMMMMMMMMMMM sounds like a yummy good time-- can't wait to hear the details on "other things happened"!

Cool story! Please more!

Post the other story

Its hot, I've done that! A little spit or oil prevents the wake up and being patient and slow don't dig your sausage to hard into the foot!

I wish i was there

fun, I may have to sleep over