Kotex Maxi Pad's For Me 24/7

I always have a Kotex Overnight Maxi Pad in my panties. I don't like the "dry weave" texture of always and such.

susancd4f susancd4f
46-50, M
8 Responses May 23, 2012

I wear panties 24/7 and a Maxie pad everyday. I have always wore panties but not a pad until I had prostate surgery. I don't need to wear a pad anymore. But I still do because I found that I like wearing a pad.

nice, thanks for sharing :)

Love wearing pads.. You still get looped pads you wear with a belt here in you. Used to wear my mums.

I wear pads in my underwear with plastic pants on when I go too work but on my weekends I diaper up thick cloth diapers and rubber/plastic pants works for me

The same to me! In the meantime I wear diapers 24/7. The feeling is much better.

I wear an Always panty liner durring the day no pee stains in my panties.

I am wearing an Always Overnight Maxi in my panties now.

I'll have to see about that, I Always enjoyed the Dry Weave...