Playing With Myself Through My Panties...

Is the best ever, I love the feel of the material combined with my fingers rubbing against my ****. It gets me so horny just thinking about it!

dirtyprincessuk dirtyprincessuk
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6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

luv to wear yur panties after you *** in them ..i"ll,play & *** in them too..that will be so hot

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I like pushing my hand inside the panty and rub my middle finger through the slot.I like the wet slippery feeling on my finger and slowly inserting the finger through the worm wet slot.

I love bringing my wife to ******,by rubbing her thru her panties. Also like rubbing myself in my panties till I explode.

thank you imacd i would love to let u do that with me thanks sweetie

i like to play with myself to in my panties i get real hard wearing pantie all day long

maybe you will have mine soon! x